nfuzion nception

A think-tank, idea incubator, a team that “just gets it” – we’ve been called it all. We offer our clients a systematic approach to transform good to great, taking an idea from a napkin sketch to a brilliant, marketable solution, and anything in between. Our approach brings together product design and development under one roof to provide our clients a product that is more intellectually-designed and often brought to market more efficiently and expeditiously than previously believed possible.

Every project is unique …

Embracing the uniqueness of each proposed project, we tailor a plan to deliver beyond our customer’s expectations. By design, our process and solutions are flexible. We aim to become an indispensible member of your product development team, whether we working on a project from conception to production, or working with our client’s existing resources. We at nfuzion pride ourselves on building lasting relationships with all of our clients.

Simple Recipe …

At the highest-level, our process is simple but effective:

  • Listen to our clients: The first step to tailoring our plan of attack is to understand what is important to our clients and their project. While it sounds simple, our clients will tell you it is one of the differentiators that set us apart: our ability to quickly grasp our client’s spoken and unspoken needs and translate them into a successful project plan.
  • Plan on exceeding: We don’t just “take on” projects. We allow them to consume us. We internalize the desired end user experience, comprehend the technical characteristics of the entire system, and balance these components with the overall project timing – all vital elements to a program’s success. As these items come together, we often find alternative technical approaches that transform the end solution into something better, exceeding our client’s initial project goals.
  • Up-front involvement: By taking an “all-hands-on-deck” approach to each project, involving marketing, engineering, industrial designers and human factors experts early in the project planning process, we are able to identify critical design aspects that help our customers product stand out in the marketplace, and support a cohesive user experience.
  • Front-loading projects: At nfuzion, we plan for the unexpected and know that all projects have unknown factors that may cause things go wrong sometimes. For that reason, we organize projects to insulate and protect our clients from potential timing risks to their programs.
  • Flawless execution: Once plans are in place, it is show-time! With our approach to resource assignment, our customer’s project always has the right resources at the right time. As the project moves from a napkin sketch all the way through the warehouse doors, you can be assured that nfuzion’s team is staffed with the right subject matter expert.