The Mini Project

nfuzion’s Mini…

(but oh so impressive!)

It is time… Time for nfuzion to demonstrate to the world what we do.

In September 2011 we decided to create a technology demonstration vehicle and integrate the know-how and intellectual property that we have acquired over the past decade. So we gathered our internal team and started to pull together a plan of features and components and began working on how best to organize things to best illustrate what nfuzion does…

nfuzion’s technology demonstrator vehicle is focused on the visual, audible and tactile senses of the user experience. Our platform showcases an environment of tighly integrated state-of-the-art electronic designs, advanced HMI concepts, and an innovative system engineering approach to produce the nfuzion Mini!

So, after much discussion, the concept of See It!, Hear It!, Touch It! was born.