Software Engineering

We offer an impressive array of software engineering capabilities, ranging from complete Windows applications to embedded firmware for a wide variety of control, communications and signal processing applications. Our broad range of technical capabilities allows us to rapidly develop software required for product release. We deliver innovative, cost-effective, high performance solutions to demanding real-time communications control and signal processing problems.

Our Software Engineering capabilities include:

  • Embedded Applications
  • Real-Time Applications
  • Driver Design and Development
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Application Software
  • Safety Critical Software
  • C, C++, C#, .NET, Java, Visual Basic
  • Database: SQL Server, Oracle, Access, MSDE
  • Client/Server Multi-tier Applications
  • Network Protocols
  • Graphical User Interface Design
  • Multi-threaded, Multi-process Applications
  • Data Acquisition and Communications
  • Embedded RTOS, DOS, Windows and LINUX
  • Object-Oriented Design Modeling and Implementation
  • Adobe Flash Development, AS3, HTML5